krpano 1.0.8 beta (Flash10, QTVR, Zoomify, Partials Panos, ...)

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    in the most cases hlookat will not be exact -179, even more "-179.464564" for example
    to check it you need to use "view.hlookat"

    The view angle would be whatever is set by the initial onstart action, so perhaps it might be an absolute value? Hmm...
    I've just realised that I may be shooting myself in the foot with the code. Does it matter that I've left the version element in?

    krpano version="1.0.7" onstart="action(startview); delayedcall(8, action(rectview););"


  • if you set to "-179" at the start, then you can check for it, thats right
    but note - use "view.hlookat",

    the "version" should be set to "1.0.7" or a higher value or removed,
    if it's "1.0.6" or lower, the set/get could behave a little bit different

  • Thanks Klaus - the other thread looks rather interesting too!

    But it feels like I'm going backwards now: if I use the options plugin it now just tells me "wrong krpano version". Does that not work with this beta? If this sort of thing is an issue would it be possible to download a complete set of everything each time?

    (This is something that I've found to be rather confusing from the start - what version is what, what extras go with which krpano version, and so on. Version control is a bit of a nightmare! I seem to remember finding that some of the examples wouldn't work with the version of krpano that they shipped with...)


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    But it feels like I'm going backwards now: if I use the options plugin it now just tells me "wrong krpano version". Does that not work with this beta? If this sort of thing is an issue would it be possible to download a complete set of everything each time?

    Hi, just make sure that the krpano.swf and the plugin swf files are from the same version/download package,
    if you use the krpano.swf from the 1.0.8 beta 5, you also need to use the plugins from this download
    to check the current krpano version - press the 'O' key in the viewer, this opens a log where the
    version is displayed in the first line.

    best regards,

  • Hi,

    this partial image has only a horizontal field of view of 45 degree,
    that means the left and right edges are not connected,

    when the horizontal field of view covers a range of 360 degree then it will be "loop"

    best regards,

    Can one program it with this 1.0.8 version to make it loop? As far as I can tell I have the pano stitched so it should be able to loop.

  • Hi,

    the next beta version is ready - 1.0.8 beta 6
    now - together with a new version of the krpano tools:

    download it here:

    EDIT - Updates/Bugfixes:
    - fix in the krpano.swf for the plugin align bug
    - fix in the kmakemultires tool for partial panoramas
    - added a "snowing" version of krpano
    - qtvr error message bugfix
    - added "Pannini Projection"
    - crash bugfix in ktransform
    - added a very first release of the kcube2sphere tool
    - kprotect bugfix - xml embedding without domain lock works now
    - soundinterface plugin - added check for the possibility to play sound
    - bugfix domain/FQDN checking - a dot(.) at the end of the domain is now allowed
    - added CUBE to SPHERE droplet

    here is a list of the changes compared to beta 5:
    (for the full list of changes have a look at the "releasenotes-1.0.8-beta6.txt" file)


    - partial preview images are possible now
    - autodetection of preview image type when no "type" is defined
    - allow embedding of license/xml into the swf (kprotect tool)
    - allow creating of standalone flash projector files (kprotect tool)
    - automatic download retry on server busy errors (only on HTTP return codes 503 and 504)
    - optimized krpano.swf loading
    - reduced swf filesize
    - some small multiresolution rendering enhances/bugfixes

    new attributes:
    - <krpano> - showerrors="false" - to disable the opening of the log on errors
    - <events> - onpreviewcomplete, onloadcomplete (experimental at the moment, warning - can interfere with "onstart")
    - <plugin>/<hotspot> - ox/oy - addtional x/y offset, % values can be used and they are relative to the own size
    - <plugin>/<hotspot> - rotate - rotation in degrees
    - <plugin></hotspot> - enabled - enable/disable all plugins or hotspots globally - "hotspot.enabled", "plugin.enabled"

    new/changed actions:
    - copy(dst,src); - copy variable value
    - tween() - can now be used also with percents(%) values
    - stoptween(var1,var2,var3,...); - stop one or more tweens
    - trace(a,b,c,...); - traces variables or any text
    - inc/dec(var,value*,max/min/saturation-value*); - increase/decrease values (with saturation)

    - pop() action caused skipping of the following action
    - a javascript call to a not existing function show a error instead of crashing/stopping the actions queue
    - checking for full 360x180 panos (aspect 2:1) - accurrey reduced, 1 pixel difference allowed
    - hotspot visible toggle - position recalcution on becoming visible


    - onhover was also done on visible="false"
    - resetspots() (main bugfix done in viewer)
    - debug traces removed

    - "wordwarp" attribute (default="true")

    - labels now have correct case again
    - debug traces removed

    - correct error message when a file could be found


    a new GUI tool - kprotect - krpano Protect Tool (not completely finished yet!)
    it allows to:
    - create protected panos for end users/customers and to protect your work
    - create standalone viewers for windows and mac (.exe/.app files)
    - embed and encrypt the xml direct into the pano
    - embed the license
    - limit the panorama to specific domains
    - set an expire date for the panorama
    - create "branding free" panoramas (additional license required!)
    - final version will also allow to embed or encrypt any kind of additional file (xml, plugins, images, panos, ...)

    - updated for krpano 1.0.8 usage
    - added support for partial/cylinder/flat panoramas
    - new droplets

    all tools/droplets:
    - fixed problems with paths that contain blanks and special characters

    best regards,

  • I think it's in your new plugins update map.

    You got the license API key so i think that should work.. *confused*


    Tuur *thumbsup*

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