Set Cube URLs from an action creates error No device compatible image available…

  • With the flash viewer this code works fine

    set(image.level[0].tiledimagewidth, 956);
    set(image.level[0].tiledimageheight, 956);
    set(image.level[0].front.url, panos/View_1.tiles/f/l1/%v/l1_f_%v_%h.jpg);
    set(image.level[0].right.url, panos/View_1.tiles/r/l1/%v/l1_r_%v_%h.jpg);

    but the HTML5 viewer returns the error - No device compatible image available…

    Is there a problem in HTML 5 with setting image URLs from an action?

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  • I've had to find a workaround for this problem using the text add command


    txtadd(scene[%1].content, get(scene[%1].content),
    '<image type="CUBE" multires="true" tilesize="512">
    <level tiledimagewidth="1910" tiledimageheight="1910">
    <left url="panos/View_%2.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_l_0%v0%h.jpg" />
    <front url="panos/View_%2.tiles/%s/l2/%v/l2_f_0%v0%h.jpg" />'

    it's a shame that the code that's useable for Flash is now not working with HTML5.

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