• Is it possible to use an RTPS server to serve 360 mp4 files? Our rendered 360 content needs to be 60-120mb's. Delivering these over our standard webserver is providing a less than ideal experience. The file starts off good but eventually hesitates when the playback catches up to the amount of the file that has buffered.

    We are currently using a delay on the playback to allow for more of the file to load but it isn't enough.

    Compressing the file more has not proven to be an option.. we specialize in future real estate projects. Compressing rendered footage beyond what we are is causing to much loss of detail.

    Anyway.. here is our most recent project that is being delivered via http.
    http://theexchangesf.com/ (Scroll towards bottom, click on workspace tour.)


  • We are a 360 hosting company. We might be able to assist you. Check out our 360s at http://www.visibletour.com and take a look at our 360s on the site. You can try us for free with one of your tours. We will give you an embedded url that can be displayed on your site and all social media sites.

    Hope that helps.

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