How many times to produce a HD 360° video ?

  • Can you tell how many time does it take to produce a 360° video ?

    The 360 video should be shoot with GoPro rig and stich with Autopano Video Pro 2.

    The 360° video is during 1 hour.

    The 360° video sould be export in 4K.

    Thanks for your feedback. *smile*

  • Hi,

    In my experience - it is very slow!

    If you have a good computer, with a good graphics card, your render times can be reduced - but still slow. I was exporting from Autopano Video Pro 1.7 at between 6 and 12 fps. Considering you'll want to shoot at 50p minimum, I would be looking at render times of around 4 hours on my computer (27inch imac, 32gb ram, 4gb gpu ram).

    That doesn't include the process of stitching the video, just rendering it out once all the hard works is done :)

    Hope that helps. Others might be able to suggest different time for different machine setups?


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