Android app with Krpano inside !

  • Hey Jerome,

    Just want to inform the app doesn't enter VR mode. All of the VR navigation elements are there but it doesn't switch to left and right eye view. Is Cocoon JS used as the app wrapper by any chance?
    Viewed on Galaxy S5 with Android 4.4.2.


  • Sacha,

    I guess one of benefits, particularly in regards to having a VR app, is that it eliminates the darned screensaver/dimming feature kicking in when viewing through the browser. That and it also has the ability to maintain fullscreen view even when exiting VR mode, essentially hiding the device's status bar and browser address bar at all times.

    Also great if an offline solution is required and loading times are quicker. The only issue is downloading large tour apps. With 360° video included it can run into gigabytes. I personally don't like the wait or space usage which of course is the beauty of krpano being able to deliver a tour instantly in a browser.
    That said, it's ideal for a client who requires an offline solution for a group devices/headsets in order to offer a seamless experience between and not rely on internet speeds, bandwidth considerations, etc.

  • Nice one Jerome,

    I checked it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. I have no 3d hardware but the 360 did load and there was also the button on the bottom right to choose the other available 360's. Hotspots worked also. Looks like it's not multires but hey it's better than nothing *thumbsup*

    As Red mentioned there was no VR mode but there was an option at the start to choose the 3d hardware which looked pretty cool.

    I also tried to install it on my small crappy android phone but it's not compatible. The phone is only good for calls and general browsing so no surprises there.



  • Thanx for trying the app guys.
    Tony when you rotate the screen to landscape you don't have the dual view ?
    What is the version of your Android System WebView app ?
    Sacha the 2 main benefits are avoid screensaver and playsound without user interaction !
    It's also a good solution for viewing a tour without internet connexion...

  • Looks like it's a WebView issue. 4.4.2 Kit Kat seems to have version 30 inbuilt, which doesn't support WebGL. It also can't be updated manually as it's built into the system. Can't even update the Kit Kat due to carrier not releasing updates.

    Not sure what tools you're using to wrap the app but if it relies on the Android System WebView and what version it has, this can pose compatibility issues even with quite recent devices such as the one I've just had.
    There are a couple of wrapper options that includes its own WebView component when building the app. As long as it's WebGL friendly then there's a chance for less compatibility issues.

  • Jerome,

    Who's Tony? You mean Tony Redhead? That's not me. *g*
    Yeah Crosswalk seems to do nicely. The only issue I'm having with it is 360 video playing in VR. The sound plays but no image. Trying to get my head around why but probably a limitation of Crosswalk or the wrapper.

  • Ok I've uploaded a new version for android devices prior lolipop (without webgl support in their webview app).
    So now if you go on the play store and you don't have a lolipop android version it should propose you to download the app with a webview supporting webgl inside ;)

    Oh yes, I've added the possibility to change the gyro settings to, so now you can choose your gyro mode according to your device !

    Let me know if it works as it should ?

  • Still having the same issue downloading Jerome. Device isn't compatible with the app version. I've refreshed the Play Store but still no go. But if nobody else is having issues it may be something jammed on my phone.

    Thanx for trying Red, what version of android do you have ?
    The min version needed is 4.4 (KitKat)

  • There may be something wrong with the package?

    I just uninstalled the app and then went to the play store and re downloaded it. Came down ok but each time I try to use it I get a small pop up saying


    Unfortunately Paris VR has stopped

    Report OK

    This in on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 running Android 4.4.2

  • Hi, I have an android application that doesn't show "Enter VR", even after including libraries webvr.js, webvr.xml, cursor... and textfield.swf
    Firefox Browser runs ok
    Chrome: krpano.xml - loading failed

    Please help

    Thank you

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