screen center trigger hotspot hover on mobile

  • is it possible to trigger "onhover" of some hotspot if the center of the screen is hovering it?
    i'd like to show some additional info if the screen center is hovering a polygonal hotspot and i think that it would be a nice replacement for the mouse movement
    kind of webvr cursor behavior but only for mobile/touch

    thank you for your help

  • Hi,

    a full-shape hit-testing is not that easily possible this way, but when only checking the distance to the hotspots center - e.g. when its lower than 20 degrees, then it might be possible this way:

    Here a quick example:

    See also these links:

    Best regards,

  • thank you so much for the fast response
    i added a variable dfov that shrinks with FOV so the center does not grow
    initially i got a 120fov so 6º seems ok
    with the initial 20 i had a "christmas tree" on my pc since i change the gama and they all lit up :D

    div(dfov , view.fov , 20);
    if(d LT dfov, .... ...

    in desktop the "onout" is not triggered.. added a trace and it shows in log

    i'll add an aditional IF for a state change so it does changes hovering to true if already true or false if already false

    and does not seem to work on my phone at all (the visual part)
    i added a trace to the hs.hovering = true and it traces the hover hotspot correctly
    is there any limitation for polygonal hotspots? when i click them it makes the zoom i programmed it to do.. but not hovering

    thanks again

  • my last code...
    in desktop it starts hovering and visually i get the effect
    but does not trigger the onout
    in trace i see the start and the end correctly

    i just cheched that my hover is not called on my phone siunce i see the start and ended hover but i dont see 'border alpha' entry
    here is my style definition and my action

    <style name="info_area" handcursor="true" capture="false" alpha="0.1" fillcolor="0x222222" fillalpha="0" borderwidth="4" bordercolor="0xffffff" borderalpha="1" ondown="" onup="" onloaded="" keep="false" visible="true" enabled="true"	onover="tweencall(get(name) ,get(hsname) ,1,1);" onhover="tweencall(get(name) ,get(hsname),1,1);" onout="tweencall(get(name) ,get(hsname), 0.1 ,1);cleartext();" 	onclick="zoomtosubject(get(zoomspot) , get(hspot) , get(vspot));"	></style>
    	<action name="tweencall">		tween(hotspot[%1].alpha, %3, %4);		trace('border alpha' , hotspot[%1].name );		showtext(get(data[%2].content) , InfoStyle);	</action>
  • Hi Klaus,

    Many congratulations on the new version of the software. I'm so glad that I started working with KrPano because you have never stopped developing and improving it.

    I noticed the webVR cursor that you created and realised that that sort of cursor is what I've been really looking for since going into mobile devices. The ability to hover over hotspots without the use of a mouse and communicate something about their function before actually using them gives back a lot of functionality that has been lost in the transition to mobile devices.

    What you suggested here is perfect to use on a smart phone unfortunately the code doesn't seem to be transfer between platforms. If I test it on the desktop the trace comes back but if on the iPhone simulator there is no trace coming back. I'm sure there is something straightforward to address here but it would be so helpful if you could doublecheck it and see where the problem lies.

    Many thanks,


  • Hello everyone,

    Thanks for the code. This is what I needed to hide hotspots and show them when they are near center!
    But I have an issue.
    So I have got a question. Sorry if it is not reasonable. I am beginner ;)

    I want to change alpha of the hotspot that I have created, not the arrows.
    Hotspot names are like these: "h1", "h2", .....
    I am using string plugin to find the character "h" from each hotspot name to check if it is hotspot I created or arrow

    This is the part of the code:

    The condition (destVar == 0 ) is never true.

    It would be great If I get solution.
    Thanks a lot,

  • Hi herrpedro
    I would like to do the same things, do you have simple example on this can share?
    Many thanks


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