Default (high-res) pano .vs. 3d (low-res) pano

  • 3d panos, for me, are done with parallax errors resulting in some stitching errors so it is good for me that they don't have that much resolution

    regular panos, on the other hand, can have more resolution and get even to gigapixel sizes
    is there a way to.. if VR mode is enabled, to show stereopano and, if it not, for example, to show gigapixel pano shot from the same place?
    so non-3d would get the higher resolution and cardboard/etc would get the low-res 3d

    I wouldn't expect to use loadscene/loadpano/lopadxml(pano-name) on entering/exiting vr mode... is there other way?

    <image ... stereo="true" stereolabels="1|2"> <cube url="pano_%s_%t.jpg" /></image>

    thank you all for your time

  • Good Morning sachagriffin
    i wouldn't expect as i don't expect to build a left-right screen myself to show a pano... it is the same pano in the end... so i think it should all be together in the image tag
    as you have a separate mobile and cube tags, for example.. you dont have to write actions if you have a gigapixel and a low-end phone
    krpano handles it smoothly.. i do not have to code actions for that

    and as it does left and right images

    the thing is... if make 3 panos..ex. one gigapixel with nodal point centered and left and right with nodal point off center
    i think it would be good for the end user to load another scene or xml or to have actions in all pano-xml to
    when entering vr-mode, then if i have a 3d pano, then load pano(scene or xml) and activate 3d
    and when leaving do the reverse

    as i dont care what device the end user is using (because krpano handles it .. thank you) ... i shouldn't care if the end user has glasses on to see a gigapixel

    but.. if there's no way... there's no way
    "problem" solved

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