How to use this kind of thumb into my virtual tour ?

  • Hi,

    I'd like to use this kind of thumb into my virtual tour to load the differents Scenes :

    Does someone know the plugin name ?

    Or maybe could you tell what key words I have to search on the web ...

    Thanks for your help. *smile*

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  • No but you can build it with krpano code :
    - need to make a look on the scenes and scenes thumbnails
    - on each loop you create a layer container (if border are needed) with a layer for the image thumbnail centered over it and move the container

    ps: limit the loop for the stacked to draw only some of the layers but not all if you have a high number of scenes.

  • Hi,

    that skin is included in the normal krpano download package as ''.

    To use it edit the 'vtour-multires.config' file (with any text editor) and change this line:


    to this:


    and then use the MAKE VTOUR (MULTIRES) droplet.

    Best regards,

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