More features in the css/html parser

  • Two years ago the textfields in my flash panoramas was capable of mouseover events and just the normal type of behaviour of an HTML website. The textfield in the HTML 5 version of Krpano is really basic. Can we have a little bit more functionality please Klaus?!

  • Sorry Klaus!
    I really am not knowledgeable about what is possible but with HTML5 but one would expect to recognise a link in text in any browser. The flash version of Krapno recognised a:hover but that doesn't function in the HTML 5 version of Krpano.

    I asked about this back in March you said "krpano doesn't include a full featured css/html parser."

    Am I right in understanding from your last post that this lack of CSS function like a:hover has nothing to do with with the HTML 5 version of KRpano and that this will never be possible and there is no work around?

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