embed steps with embedpano.js

  • hi guys,

    I am relitive new to krpano and have a question.
    I need to embed a panorama in to a WP website. I looked at the manuel on this site, how to do this. But its just not working for me, could someone help me out please.

    I know I need to use the: embedpano.js file but that is about it. Is there someone who could right down some basic steps on how to do this with a wordpress site.

    Kind regards,

    Dirk *smile*

  • use the panopress plugin for wordpress to embed krpano -


    or, just use an iframe like below, enter this code in your post html editor (not wsywig editor), make sure your pano url is working on its own outside of wp before embedding

    <iframe width="100%" height="600" src="http://www.domain.com/path/pano.htm" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

    basically, you need to upload your entire krpano output folder (js, swf, html, tiles, etc) to your server via ftp, and embed the .html file directly using panopress or iframe as above



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