• Hello Guys,

    I´m wondering if its possible work with surround 5.1 mp3 files or if i can work with 4 different channels (mono files) and put them around the scene as sound hotspots. When the user turn the scene, start hearing the arounder sound (but the 4 files must start at the same time and in synchronicity). Is it possible?

    Thank you!!


  • Hi,

    preloading the sounds before starting playing them could help a bit I think
    (but I'm don't know how the Flashplayer will finally handle the loading internally),

    e.g. this would be the code to preload the sound files and start playing them after 2 seconds:

    details about the soundinterface here:
    sound interface plugin (beta)

    best regards,

  • Hello, Klaus!
    I used your example as described above.
    But in some cases I desync audio tracks. I do not know how to fix it. It is even possible?
    Sorry for my English, I use Google translator


    translation difficulties *huh*

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