Google Earth KMZ/KML with VirtualTour?

  • Hi,
    recently a client asked me, if we can use his Google Earth KMZ/KML file with Virtual Tour I am making for him...
    I know how to use google maps plugin for virtual tour but hinestly have no idea how to work with KMZ/KML files...

    Perhaps I can create some specific (public) map in Google Maps with the KMZ file coming from Google Earth and then use this map (URL) for the Virtual Tour? Or?
    Can anybody help please?

    Best regards,
    Igor Socha

  • Hi Socha

    i know this is a old post, but did you manage to find a solution to to the kmz file, i am trying to do something similar but dont know where to begin..
    Hope you can help....

    i am new to krpano. *smile*


  • When Google sunsetted the Google Earth plugin it basically killed what you are looking to do. We used to have a GEPlugin integration and it was pretty slick. Until Google Exposes some form of JS API for Google Earth Web there is not too much you can do.

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