PLEASE HELP??!! How to set the tempdir= into which config file? Layman's terms please

  • If anyone can please help me I'm having a KRPANO emergency. I'm trying to process a 100GB file and keep getting this error " 1/7 loading... 38%
    writing data (4 MB) to file kvmem_1759_00000585.swap failed: No space left on device (errno=28)

    kvmem - fatalerror - kvmem_sys_saveswapdata() failed
    gavin-farrells-mac-pro:~ gavinfarrell$"
    Please can someone walk me through (like I'm an idiot) how to set/assign the tempdir= in the config file?

    I am trying to run a 100GB file through KRPANO's multi-resolution droplet. I am not a coder so can someone in layman's terms please instruct me onto how to set the tempdir= n in the .config file? Do I need to edit the multires.config file? I have a 6 TB RAID that'd I'd like to assign. Assuming if I don't do this I'll get a memory error failed message.

  • Hi,

    how large is your image in pixel-size? (width and height)

    For setting the tempdir just an entry like:


    in the related .config file should be enough.

    But for such large image it might be sense full to do the sphere-to-cube conversion first and then drop the six images later together on the droplets. This way you don't need to run the conversion again if there were later some problems.

    The default sphere to cube droplet isn't thought for such large image, therefore better directly call from command line - e.g. this way:

    krpanotools spheretocube cube /inputfolder/inputimage.psb /outputfolder/pano.kro -tempdir=/yourtempfolder/

    Best regards,

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