Stop lookto on user click

  • Hi everybody,

    The panorama start at this position :


    Then the folowing actions take place:

    <action name="OnLoadComplete">

    I would like the lookto to be stopped when a user click in the panorama... is it possible ?

    I currently use this clicked action which is working:

    <action name="Clicked">

    I tried to put stopall(); but it doesn't stop the lookto action.


  • Hi, since i have used add hotspot for video distorted hostop the oninterrupt(break) does not work anymore, for look to or for tween, i have tested all the options

    even this one

    or the most simple


    <action name="tweenintro">
    lookto(70,5,100,tween(easeInOutCubic,10),true,true) ;

    the on interrupt breakall does not work to.

    i have no solution

    Thank you for your lights



  • Hi,

    the oninterrupt works only on actions that are blocking the user interface,
    but the tween without WAIT for donecall doesn't block it,
    and the lookto call with true for non-blocking doesn't block it too,

    that means either try it that way - by adding a wait() after the tweens:

    or in your the most simple case just without nonblocking=true:

    <action name="tweenintro">
      lookto(70,5,100,tween(easeInOutCubic,10),true,false) ;

    best regards,

  • Thank you for your answer, it is very clear, it works perfectly when i use standard distorted video hotspot but it doesn't work when i use addhotspot instead.

    In fact in need to use add hotspot to manage the video downloading order, so…

    maybe there is an other reason but i don't think so.

    i can send you my code if you have the time to have a look.

    best regards


  • to be more precise

    when i use lookto the interface wait the lookto is finished to addhospot.

    when i use tween with wait the tween simply doesn't work

    when i use tween without wait the tween work but without interrupt off course.


  • Sorry for the delay, thank you

  • Ok, thank you, its working better, and i understand better but i have another problem with this intro, when i interrupt, the tween apha from the intro interrupt too, and i don't understand why because there is only tween view in the interrupt action.

    an other limitation is that the wait have to be finished to begin the "bienvenu" video.

    do you have a solution for this two questions.

    Thank you very much

    the link

  • Hi,

    all following actions after the 'oninterrupt' will be interrupted,

    to avoid that reorder the actions or split the action into different parts and call the actions that should happening oninterrupt too in the call that will be defined in the oninterrupt( action,

    best regards,

  • Thank you for your answer, it works,and its clear,

    I have an other question i hope more interesting for you, when i change the view with a load scene and a blend merge, the video distorted hotspot fixe on the beginning from the blend,

    do you think there is a way the video is playing to the end of the blend, without keeping the same view. It is really embarrassing.

    Tell me if my english and my question is not understandable.

    ,thank you in advanced for your answer);


  • ok

    i am in a pano with a video distorded hotspot playing, i want a kind of cutting plane, with a look at blend and merge like this


    the problem is that the video stop at the begining of the merging blend, the sound is ok but the picture fixe,

    could it possible to prevent this.

    Thank you


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