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  • Hi

    We have used and old project and created a CGI Stereoscopic Virtual Reality Tour.

    Using stereoscopic cube maps generated with 3D Studio, we wanted a VR Tour that could be accessed by all and have tested this on Cardboard, Archos VR Headset and also in the Gear VR.

    Let us know what you think as we have more coming soon.

    James Budge
    Arc Media

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  • Hello :)

    I've just bought KRPano, and made my first virtual tour - so far so good.
    However, I can't find precise infos about how to get the little cardboard icon in the UI, to get basic VR support.
    Also, can KRPano handle stereoscopic images rendered from VRay automatically (spherical camera or cube 6x1 ?), or stereoscopic version is generated by KRPano ?

    For now, my first VR tests were made with spherical camera and stereoscopic helper, using VR Gallery 3d app on my smartphone, and finally displayed with a cardboard.

    thank you for any information you could provide !

    Merry Xmas :)

  • Hi, and Happy New Year.

    I found that when testing using IE the Stereoscopic Cardboard is visible, but using Chrome no fake VR was available. You are better testing through the Krpano server to make sure all is working correctly. Once it is live it should work fine.

    Krpano cannot handle direct cube maps, a bit of slicing in photoshop is required, this is a bit of a shame seeing as the Gear VR can read them strait from the render. I hope this is something that could be implemented in Krpano... Especially as VR it is getting a lot of use and press from the CGI community lately. It will however handle Side-By-Side spherical images from Vray, but these are poor in quality compared to Stereo Cube Maps.

    If there is a lot of interest and I have the time I could do a Step-By-Step, but there is loads of programmers on here who can give better advice than me from that side of the software.

    Here is our festive one if you want to check it out.…like-christmas/

    James Budge

  • Hi James,

    Looks great! thats exactly what I am trying to achieve.

    I am struggling to get the cube maps working with KR Pano. Would you be able to share a few tips as to how you got them working inside of KRPano? Did you have to slice up the full 12 cubes as individual maps?


  • Hi

    We have been busy creating another Stereoscopic VR Cube Map Tour for TWO FIFTY ONE.

    This was a project dedicated to the Gear VR in which we had created a Gear VR hotspot tour app. Though on completion thought it would be a shame not to also create a dedicated web and mobile version for other devices. Putting a lot of testing into getting a very clean, crisp and smooth VR Tour working over the various mobile devices, browsers and the cardboards we tested on.

    We will also be at D2 in Vienna this weekend (26th - 27th August 2016) and then at Prolific North Live at Event City Manchester in Feb 2017 if anyone is about. We will bring along the Gear VR with our Tour app.


  • Your work is great!!!
    Would you please tell us if you use MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) droplet or (MULTIRE)

    The xml adjustments on MAKE VTOUR (NORMAL) seems pretty straight forward.
    krpano 1.19-pr4 / 1.19-pr5 / 1.19-pr6

    I have issues with (MULTIRE) because I want to show a 360 on 8k. (8000x4000)
    That means in stereo 16000x4000.

    Regarding one of your previous comments about latlong vs cubemap, you mentioned that cubemap was better, and you can see that clearly if you download this link:…tual-reality-2/

    BUT...krpano automatically makes the latlong in cubemap in the folder "panos", having said that (correct me if I'm wrong) I believe that there is no diference between latlong stero vs cubemap stereo in krpano!

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