.play() action not working on iOS in webVR when sound file is used.

  • Found a bug in the newest version on the videoplayer.js plugin. Has anyone found a good solution to this?

    Situation on iOS when using the webVR plugin:

    When firing a video to play from a hover button using the .play() action, the screen still requires interaction from the user because the sound file is loaded and played separately.

    Without audio the video plays with no issue.

    Is there a way to signal the video and sound to play utilizing the button with 2 separate actions?



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  • Thanks for the reply -- yes it does, it is even included in the example krpano_vr.xml file for 1.19.

    Either way -- it seems that the .play() action only fires the start of a video. Normally this is not an issue, as a user interaction with the screen starts the sound on iOS devices. Only an issue when firing the start of a video from non-interactive events, such as hover events in VR.

  • This is happening on my iPhone. I assume you are referring to:

    • Note - the krpano videoplayer plugin currently uses a trick to be able to play panoramic videos also on an iPhone, but this trick isn't optimal in terms of rendering performance and this trick only allows to play the video but not the audio. For audio an additional external sound file need to be specified.

    My issue is I am firing the video play from a hover button in webvr. It works fine without audio, but when I specify an external audio file it needs interaction from the user. It is almost as if the .play() method is not telling both the video player and the sound interface to play, just the video interface. Because of this, and the limitations presented by the iPhone, neither play. Sorry if I am not clear with the issue, and what I think is going wrong.

    Either way here is an example webvr viewer with video in the far left and far right panels. You will notice the hover state on the play button on the right panel video works just fine as there is no external sound file. The left video does not work at all until, even after hovering over the button, until you tap the screen. This one has the external sound file.

    Note: I did not optimize this video AT ALL. I would not play it off of a data connection as the video files are both 30mb.



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