Swipe events on 2d layer

  • Hello panomaster.
    Hello krpano-users.

    I like your plugin. Thanks for your efforts.

    Iam trying to use a polygonal hotspot to activate the swipe gallery.
    Right now it is only opening the black screen but no images are showing up.
    Could you please push me in the right direction ... i´ve tried a lot but programming is very difficult for me.

    So here is what I am using right now

    Best regards...

  • figured it out by myself

  • Quote

    This plugin gives surely another dimension to the Panoramas. But as in
    common lightbox galleries out there on the net would it be possible to
    add a text description field that would appear on the bottom to label
    each photos? Please take this as a suggestion in your future coding.

    Hello Panomaster,

    any new update on this features?

  • Thanks for this nice plugin that I use a lot for my personal web site :)

    I added a small improvement : display on right bottom of 'image number / total image number' of the current gallery.

    EDIT : and I also added the title of image display :)

    There is the updated example : swipe_gallery_with_number.zip  :)

  • another improvement of this swipe gallery : possibility to add 2 colored borders to the image :)

    <gallery name="gallery1" id="1"  border1_size="1" border1_color="0x00000" border2_size="40" border2_color="0xFFFFFF" title="Title of gallery 1">

    <gallery name="gallery2" id="2"  border1_size="40" border1_color="0xFFFFFF" border2_size="3" border2_color="0xff9900" title="Some other pictures">

    After resizing, the borders are kept in the screen (but there are not resized) :

    theses improvements use 'txtshadow' for text layers and 'cacl()' function in a new action, which are only supported by quite recent version of krpano.

    there is this new updated example : swipe_gallery_with_number_and_border.zip

  • Another version of this sweep gallery with a main change : choice between horizontal or vertical sweeping *smile*
    Minor changes :
    - background color of several galleries can be different
    - coding change in creation of layers

    IMPORTANT: in a virtual tour (containing several scenes), DO NOT insert the gallery data into the scene nodes (see in attachment an example of tour xml).

    <gallery name="gallery1" mode="horizontal" bgcolor="0x000000" border1_size="1" border1_color="0x00000" border2_size="40" border2_color="0xFFFFFF" title="Title of gallery 1">

    there is the updated example: swipe_gallery_with_number_and_border_v2.zip

    If you consider that these improvements are valuable, please consider a small donation by using this current link (or possibly buy my more 'complex' RSGP_gallery plugin here ) *wink*

  • This is working nice, thanks to you both.

    Any idea how I can implement the action onmousewheel to get a pinch to zoom on the gallery images?

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  • Hello, I have three galleries in the same scene. One has 4 pictures the other has three. I started riding the four, everything worked perfectly. When I set up the other two galleries, opening the one with four photographs only allowed me to see 2, also the one with three. What am I doing wrong? I hope someone can give me a hint.
    Thanks in advance

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