Chrome and Opera (webkit) HTML5 problem!

  • I creating normal pano with tools (MAKE PANO (NORMAL) droplet.bat).
    When i change html5:"always" or "only" - its stop working in webkit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    HYML5 working in IE, working in Firefox fine - i see HTML5/Desktop and WebGL,
    but when i try webkit - i see FATAL ERROR - ...xml - loading failed!
    I check xml file - but its easy, no criminal:

    <krpano version="1.18">
    <!-- the skin -->
    <include url="skin/defaultskin.xml" />
    <!-- view settings -->
    <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" maxpixelzoom="1.0" fovmax="150" limitview="auto" />
    <preview url="R0011235_xmp.tiles/preview.jpg" />
    <cube url="R0011235_xmp.tiles/pano_%s.jpg" />
    <cube url="R0011235_xmp.tiles/mobile_%s.jpg" />

    Whats happend? When i use "prefer", firefox and IE using FLASH! Why??? Only if i set "only" or "always" its used HTML5!

    KRPano version - 1.18.5

  • Another strange thing!

    Whe i use "always", firefox working.
    When i use "only" - its show ERROR! HTML5 Browser with CSS3D or WebGL support required!

    All browsers are last version!

  • So, the problem is here:
    Opera and Chrome, when you open pano as a file (index.html) and if you set html5 as only or always, show "error open xml file". but, if you open through web-server, it's ok.
    possible, there is path to xml problem. But! If you set html5 as prefer or another way (if krpano can use flash), its work fine and use flash.
    Firefox haven't this problem, but when i search config and testing, i found that my firefox NOT working with WebGL!
    I have good video card (NVidia) and latest drivers, i looked blacklist drivers, and not found something about my hardware. But, webgl not working... i tried to force webgl supporting - but
    its still not working. In context menu krpano i see HTML5/Desktop - Firefox 44.0.
    In webkit browsers i see WebGL... strange thing.
    I'll try to update drivers from NVidia, but i am not sure that solve problem.

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