krpano 1.19-pr4 / 1.19-pr5 / 1.19-pr6

  • The pano quality in the Samsung Browser is not as good as in chrome, is there a higher compression or is there a lower quality loaded?

    The Samsung VR browser is rendering the WebVR WebGL canvas only with 2048x1024px - that's for both eyes and before lens distortion - and that's very low. Manually trying to increase that resolution doesn't work. Samsung itself would need to improve the browser.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Klaus,

    With the new PR4, I find that the textfield is not selectable anymore.
    With PR3, and variable selectable="true", I can select the text

    Without changing the XML:
    * if I use the PR4 http://krpano.JS/SWF, and leave the old plugins: text not selectable (handcursor)
    * if I use the PR3 http://krpano.JS/SWF, and change the textfield.swf plugin to the one of PR4: text not selectable

    are there any new settings I should be aware of?

    <layer name="xmask" type="container" align="lefttop" x="10" y="30" width="300" height="284" bgcolor="0xFFFFFF" bgalpha="0.8" maskchildren="true">
    <plugin name="xmasktext" keep="true" url="%SWFPATH%/plugins/textfield.swf" html="tmptxt" css="font-family:Tahoma; font-size:13px;" border="false" background="false" selectable="true" align="lefttop" y="2" width="100%" height="100%"/>
  • Can someone please explain to me what this specif attribute (mobilevr_touch_support) does on the webVR plugin?

    I'm trying to come up with a way to place a hotspot on a layer that floats in the top center of the spit screen so that it can detect touch based events within that trigger zone and trigger an event on whatever hotspot the cursor is over.

  • Thank you for the help. There is currently not a webVR plugin forum channel, which is why it was asked here.

    I'd say a generic thread in the channel "plugins" or something in the krpano viewer channel (general or under beginners) would be more appropriate I feel.

  • Hi Klaus, hi all.
    I would like to report a problem with 1.19pr4.
    With the version 1.19pr4 the the buttons version does not scale correctly, while with version 1.18.5 - 1.18.6 it work very fine.
    I tested this example a sun Galaxy S7 Edge with Firefox and Chrome browers.
    Does anyone have the same problem???


    Thank, Marco

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  • Hi,

    With the version 1.19pr4 the the buttons version does not scale correctly

    Thanks - right, that's due an updated default html template file (with mobilescale=1.0 by default now) and missing update of the defaultskin.xml (which assumes a mobilescale=0.5 for mobile devices).

    To correct this:

    • either remove the mobilescale=1.0 from the html file
    • or edit the defaultskin.xml and change this line:

      <layer name="defaultskin_buttons" scale="2.0" devices="mobile" />

      to this:

      <layer name="defaultskin_buttons" scale="2.0" if=" AND stagescale LT 1.0" />

      (this change/fix will be also included in the next release)

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    there is an update for version 1.19-pr4 - krpano 1.19-pr5 - its' mainly a bug-fix release.
    Many things that were working in older versions, but not in 1.19-pr4, should now work again.

    These things were fixed:

    • <layer> elements without align setting were positioned wrong.
    • When changing the crop setting, the width and height settings were not updated instantly like in previous versions.
    • In some cases the width and height settings were not set/updated already in the onloaded event and this was leading to many incompatibly problems.
    • The position of non-zoomed/non-distorted webgl-hotspots was wrong.
    • The size of non-zoomed/non-distorted webgl-hotspots was wrongly 'stage-scaled'.
    • The position of css3d-hotspots with children elements was wrong in some cases.
    • The position of textfield-hotspots was wrong sometimes in some cases.
    • It was not possible to re-use a videoplayer plugin a second time as pano.
    • Don't trigger the onout event when changing/reloading a webgl-hotspot image.
    • WebGL creation error when the pano-element had a size of exactly 320x240px at startup.
    • Support the latest GearVR 'Samsung Internet' browser.
    • Disable/block autorotate in VR mode.
    • Support HTTPS in Bing Maps plugin.
    • The width of an opened combobox was wrong in some cases.
    • The name of <action> elements with protect=true were wrongly case-sensitive.
    • The defaultskin.xml supports mobilescale=1.0.
    • Fixed for the vtourskin.xml: map spots were behind the map in some browsers, calling skin_hideskin at startup works now, improved deep-linking.
    • Updated Three.js example.

    Best regards,

  • Hi all there

    I want to add one button here, is no problem in desktop mode:

    <layer name ="infobutton" style="skin_base|skin_glow" crop="64|710|64|64" 	align="bottom" x="230"  y="0"	scale="0.6" alpha="1.0" keep="true"  

    But where in vtourskin.xml must I add this button in mobile layout in the center of this menu?

    It must be here in this part, ist there anybody, who can explain me this?


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  • I've noticed a "redraw" issue on iPhone when NOBLEND is used with a loadscene with these parameters :
    loadscene(%1, "view.fisheyefovlink=0.5&amp;view.architectural=0.0&amp;view.pannini=0.0&amp;view.fisheye=0.0&amp;view.stereographic=false", NOPREVIEW|MERGE|KEEPVIEW|KEEPMOVING, NOBLEND);

    No issue with this kind of BLEND : BLEND(0.1, easeInCubic)

  • Hi,

    With pr3 gif animation hotspot works well.
    But with pr4 or pr5 gif animation doesn't work.
    In case of layer, gif animation still works.

    Is there any way to activate gif animation hotspot with pr4/pr5 ?

    Our application's base already moved to pr4 and I know very well how to make animation hotspots with krpano,
    but our customers already used gif animations and want to use gif animation.

    Any advice is appreciated.

  • Is there any way to activate gif animation hotspot with pr4/pr5 ?

    Yes, just add - renderer="css3d" - to your hotspots, then the browser will render the hotspots via CSS3D transform as in the previous versions.

    But note - using gif animations is not recommend - there is no Flash support, on some mobile devices their usage is causing bad overall performance, they have only limited color palette, only 1 bit transparency, there is no animation control - and there is no support for WebGL and VR planed.

    Best regards,

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