Incomplete results when making VTOUR using the droplet

  • Hi,

    I tested and for me (OSX) it works fine.
    Maybe you have space in your pano names?
    I made this 360 video droplet, there i found that when that the terminal gives problems with spaces but also when the name started with a number or a capital.
    Maybe rename your panos to simple names for this test.. to see if the problem is there?

    Hope it helps!
    Tuur *thumbsup*

  • I'm getting this problem too. Not sure when it started as I haven't made a tour for many months. It's possible that the upgrade to OSX 10.11.2, El Capitan caused this?

    I've downloaded and installed KRPANO 1.19, but am still getting the same problem.

    Any advice greatly appreciated.


  • I had the same problem once and figured out two things that may cause the problem.

    1. The suffix of my equirectangular pictures (might) matter. I use to save those as TIFF before passing them to krpano. PTGui adds the suffix .tif (written with only one F) by default and this way some images where not processed. I changed the suffix to .tiff (double F).

    2. Pictures exported from Affinity Photo interpolated with Lanczos were skipped in the krpano tour. Out of Photoshop with standard settings everything went smooth.

    I'm not sure, which method solved the problem, because I edited a lot of panoramas this time. But I never ran into problems afterwards again. And by the way, I don't use "El Capitan". Still on Yosemite.

    Maybe it's sort of Voodoo, but I have no processing drop outs anymore.

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