1.19pr4 iOS video plugin bug?

  • Greetings

    First off I'm loving the new 1-9pr4 features and I would love to use this version for the app I am developing. However I'm not sure if it's a bug or not but wanted to put it out there anyways.

    It seems in pr4 I can't get video to work on iOS as a hotspot or as a video pano which was working in pr3 and in the examples files of videopano I get 'Loading failed iphone-audio.m4a' and does not play video. So I tried removing the .m4a file and now I get a black screen. Is this a known bug?

    Also I'm wondering since all video is pushed to webgl will that mean video hotspots will now render in pano environment instead of opening native player?

    Thank you.

  • Hi,

    when you get the loading error about the audio file, then this file is missing.

    And getting a black screen when ONLY removing the audio file from the xml file is not normal (and normally also not possible of course). There must be surely also something else. Maybe post a link to your example...

    If you want to use the 'native' iPhone video playback (as fullscreen element, not inlined) - disable the iphoneworkarounds setting:

    Best regards,

  • Another issue I'm experiencing with Ipad Air2 and Samsung s6/s7 the video hotspot will render black after the video finishes playing. I'm assuming this has to do with GPU memory.

    In effort avoid this I hide the hotspot onvideocomplete but for a split second the hotspot will still render black before it calls onvideocomplete.

    Any possible solutions to this? Thanks

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