Misalignment of images/text on first load

  • When clearing the browser cache and loading the tour, alignment of images and textfields can be out of place, usually higher or lower.
    Once reloaded the textfield is aligned properly. Tested on desktop Chrome, Safari. Mobile Chrome and Safari also.
    I understand this is some kind of issue to do with caching and the browser, but just wondering if there's anything that can be done krpano code side.

  • If the problem resides on the KRpano side, you could try and call the updatescreen() function or even more extreme (i think) the updateobject(true,true) function on onloaded. If this corrects the problem, it means that somewhere some attribute,variable,thing is being cached that influences some setting after KRpano is finished setting up the object.

    A quick and dirty method to check if the caching problem is to force the XML not to be cashed. There are several options to do something along these lines. By using meta in the HTML file to adding a random variable to the URL of the XML.

    These should only be a temporary measures to check where the problem lies. But it seems to me that the anomaly could just as well be the second loading of the object, not the initial one.

  • Thanks for the suggestions to further isolate.

    - Tried updatescreen() and updateobject(true,true) but seemed to have no impact.

    -Also tried the cache blocking tips from Klaus here but no joy.

    -On further testing, the misalignment appears to affect textfields only.
    Image layers load with correct alignment but textfield layers don't.

    -Made sure textfield plugin was updated
    - A client has it happen with initial loads on their server also.

    - The misalignment also happens on a previous tour using pr3 and the current one using pr4.

    So stumped on this one. Thanks for any further help

  • I know this bug and it seems to come back every now and then with a new krpano-release (or maybe it´s a browser-issue). For me the problem is the height of the textfield, which seems to not get calculated correctly the first time. My workaround is to set autosize to none and the height after the plugin is loaded....


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