• Hi !

    I have two separate issues with the WebGL viewer that I use as a fallback to the Flash viewer.

    First, and that's the reason why I use it as a fallback and not as a preferred viewer, the memory usage is huge. Firefox can use as much as 2GB of ram (and even crash) when loading a single panoramic image and quickly moving around. Also, it seems that the memory is not released upon destruction of the viewer, I have to wait for the garbage collector to do it's work.
    Is this normal behaviour for the WebGL viewer ? The Flash viewer does not even use a quarter of that memory amount.

    Second, it seems that the viewer does not work in IE11. I don't know what could be wrong since it works in Firefox. I can't see any error in IE's console (but IE's console is crap, so...).
    I have read some posts about NPOT textures, but my panoramic images are cubic with a tilesize of 1024 and levelsize of 4096, so everything should be "power of two", right ?

    Thanks for your help !

  • Hi,

    it depends on the browser itself when it will really release the memory - from krpano side not used memory is not referenced anymore and available for freeing by the browsers GC.

    But that can be also a bug in the browser or in the GPU drivers.

    About IE11 - normally it should work fine, also with NPOT textures.

    Btw - a tilesize of 1024px is not optimal for several reasons (e.g. GPU texture upload time and more inefficient memory management). I would recommend using 512px.

    Best regards,

  • Thanks Klaus, and sorry for the late answer.
    I'll test with 512px texture size.
    About the memory problem, I think it is browser related, Chrome behaves better than Firefox here.
    Anyway, we chose to prefer Flash and use WebGL as a fallback, even though I would prefer to do it the other way round.

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