Videos only play once.

  • Does anybody have any ideas how to make the 360 videos play more than once in the WebVR example?

    Affects: Desktop (Chrome, Safari, Firefox), Android, iOS
    Steps to recreate the bug:

    1. Load the WebVr Example
    2. Click the Panoramic Video hotspot on the right.
    3. The pano scene loads and plays the 360 video as expected.
    4. Drag the video to look down and tap on the "Home" button
    5. Return to WebVR menu
    6. Click the Panoramic Video hotspot again.
    7. Expected: Video plays normally.
    Actual: Video's audio plays, but the screen remains black.

    Thank you ahead of time. The only thing I can think of is using IGNOREKEEP to destroy the scene. However, that kicks you out of VR mode if you were previously in it. Here's a snippet of the home button action in krpano_vr.xml.

    <action name="vr_menu_loadhome">
    set(basedir, '');		
    plugin[video].pause();//Pause the video here or else it keeps playing in the background.		
    loadpano(get(startupxml), null, IGNOREKEEP);	

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