Sphere vs Cube vs Multires

  • Hi,

    Up till now we were faithfully using the beautiful multires tool, but with a large amount of panos, we are trying to lower the amount of storage. So, I started testing using Cube and Sphere, and much to my surprise got very good results with the Sphere. It seems to be better quality and working quite well on desktops.
    I was expecting a result like this:
    But for us the sphere is actually better if you zoom in deep enough ...

    We are only working with WebGL, so would there be any reason not to use sphere apart from the longer time you see the black background (you will only see the pano once it is totally loaded)?
    We are using panosizes of 8000x4000, (which would be a cubesize of 2546 as far as I can tell), and they seem to be loading reasonably fast...

    I would still be working with Cubes, if I would not have seen a (slightly) sharper and better picture from the Sphere... How come?


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