Separate Flash floor plan to load specific panoramas?

  • Hi,

    I have a 17 panorama virtual tour within a single viewer. It uses the 'slide menu' plugin which looks great and works well and apart from the main loading xml file that shows the button navigation, thumbnail actions etc each panorama has it's own xml file with something like the following.

    I would like to add a Flash floor plan on the right hand side of the page (separate from the viewer) which contains it's own hotspots and the idea was to load a specific panorama into the viewer. I've seen this done in the 'Javascript Interface' section of the help file and that uses links but that one loads just the panorama and not the viewing controls also.

    Has anyone attempted to have a flash map/floor plan on the right that loads the panoramas and controls? I can't use the Google map plugin as it's a floor plan.



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