Android Hard Reboot using WebVR in Intel XDK Wrapper

  • Hey all!

    Now i'm hoping I can explain everything so please let me know if there is any other information you need.

    I am developing a mobile local player using krpano. Right now, i'm just testing on Android to get this stable but for some reason when I activate WebVR/Cardboard mode, there is a really high chance that my phone will completely crash and reboot.

    The webview I'm using is the Crosswalk webview available in the Intel XDK application wrapper. Intel XDK basically allows you to create mobile apps with standard HTML. I'm using this to just deploy the krpano "videopano" example (from the examples folder) using a custom video a client of mine has produced. The video itself is about 300MB's so I'm just pushing that to my phone locally and then have the krpano video player pick the video up from that local directory.

    The player so far has worked out just great! This video plays through no problem if you just view it in the standard view. When I click the WebVR/Cardboard button, the player changes to the dual video and after about 1-2 seconds, the phone reboots.

    Here's a video of it happening:

    I have tested this on my Galaxy S6 and also my clients S6. Both phones crash about the same consistency.

    It's pretty impossible to have the same setup as someone else here but has anyone had this issue and know any causes?
    Anyone know of any codecs issues that would have this symptom? Resolutions?


  • Hey Klaus!

    Thanks for the quick reply!

    Yeah I have begun to think that it was the webview component as well given further testing. Here's what I tried:

    1- Intel XDK with krpano (hard reboot the phone)
    2- Intel XDK with (hard reboot the phone)
    3- webview with krpano (hard reboot the phone)
    4- webview with (hard reboot the phone)5- webview+ (plus) with krpano (hard reboot the phone)
    6- webview+ (plus) with (hard reboot the phone)

    It's definitely consistent that as soon as I go into the split view, the webview freaks out and crashes the phone.

    Given all those tests, I believe it's still possible to have the native webviews on the respective operating systems causing issues but it also leads me to believe that whatever krpano or Aframe is calling, either it be a lower level graphics call or WebGL call, could be what is causing it to die.

    Can you think of anything special that happens when the player switches into Dual eye/Cardboard mode that could possibly be a point of interest here?

    Edit: I wonder if it's just possible that there are buggy graphics drivers as a few other Posts on this forum have eluded to with 360 video. If so, i'm super sad face :(


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  • Thanks again for your reply!

    I think I have finally figured out what was causing this issue. We were trying to use a very high resolution video at a very high frame rate. The main video was 4096x2048 @ 60FPS. This video resolution and FPS was always causing the hardware to hard reboot when switching to the dual eye mode. After a few different tests, we settled on 2048x1024 @ 30fps to be stable.

    All I can think is that there is some bad graphics drivers on the Galaxy S6 which was causing the hard reboot when trying to render the two eye cardboard mode.

    Thanks again for taking the time to reply and thanks for the great player! Working awesome so far!

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