360 video - IOS 10 chrome browser - 360 videos played as regular videos on Chrome (Ver 53.0.2785.109)

  • it is the same on the desktop !! :(
    panoramic videos play flat, not spherical!

    tested on:
    chrome 53.0.2785.89
    macosx 10.10.5

    this is bad, untested but most likely
    electron and nwjs are broken, too!

    ps. might be also my macbook air which ist gpu blacklisted.
    will check that later in the office.

    EDIT: checked in office, chrome desktop works.
    it was a problem of my old macbook air

  • Hi,


    This is only occurring on iphone + Chrome + IOS 10.

    This is known - iOS Chrome currently doesn't support the new inline-video feature from iOS 10. And the old iOS 9 workaround for inline-videos on the iPhone doesn't work will in iOS10 because of changed (undefined) iOS10 behavior (or iOS bugs?).

    See the mentions in the 1.19-pr7 release thread - I'm already investigating and looking for workarounds to support non-Safari-browser on iOS10 that are or will not be updated to support inline-videos.


    it is the same on the desktop !! :(

    No, that's not the same - iPhone Chrome and Desktop Mac Chrome are two very different things!

    On Desktop panoramic video is only possible in HTML5 when the browser supports WebGL.
    When Chrome is blacklisting the GPU on your Mac, then there is no WebGL.

    Depending on your example (e.g. in the old videointerface one) the pano might be played as flat video as fallback... (like better than nothing).

    Best regards,

  • Hi,

    I have used the Textfield plugin to embed a youtube iframe into this project: http://www.photographyoptions.net/images/laurel/tour2.html</a>
    The video in the project looks like a homemade one done using the Samsung Gear 360 camera. In Windows 7 on Chrome, Firefox, and IE 11, the 360 Functionality is there. Also, it works on several low end Android phones. I have tested it on IOS desktop running IOS El Capitan 10.11.4 and; an Ipad running IOS Sierra 10.12.2; and a couple of Iphone 6's running 9.x.

    The 360 video runs flat on all of the IOS devices. I also tested it in latest Silk Browser on small Fire Tablet. It runs flat there too. This test tour was built using KRPano 1.19-pr8.

    Is there anything that I can tweak to make 360 video work in an iframe on IOS devices?

    Cheers, Reggie

  • Hi Reggie!
    Use html page plugin It allows to place 360 video from youtube (as well as other pano and many other tings)

    Quick question( already sent in PM). I have youtube in HTML plugin. Must stop video first and then close the window.
    When video running and I close the plugin window, sound keeps playing.
    Is there any solution for this?
    Thank you

  • Hi Alex,

    From your Example.xml I used the "myvideo" code line and the "video1.htm" file to create an Iframe for viewing Youtube 360 video. The video works in Chrome, IE 11 and Firefox on a desktop. It also works in Mac El Cap 10.12.2. It does not work in an Ipad iOS 10.2....display is flat instead of 360 and the "X" will not close the Iframe. I also have an Amazon Fire Tablet with Silk Android Browser. Video also displays flat on this device and the "X" also does not close the iframe.

    Any advice you could give on how to optimize the plugin for viewing 360 video in Iframe on mobile devices would be appreciated.

    Best regards, Reggie

  • Alex,

    I think a saw some suggestions on how to do this in the forum string related to the plugin, but I'm unsure how to implement it. #mce_temp_url#
    uses the plugin via the red 360 button on opening map. Currently, this video plays flat on mobile devices and I have found no way to close the Iframe in Android Devices. I will send a PM and attach the xml and html files I am using. Any advice you can give on how to optimize for mobile devices would be most appreciated.

    Best regards, Reggie

  • Hi, Reggie!
    Mobile devices have the strong restrictions on internal memory usage for applications. It is a large quastion. Please, google it.
    You need to give different links on video for mobile and desktop. You can investigate krpano video example.
    360 video have the increased requirements for device.
    In the case of the plugin you have the sum of the tour and video in html page. It may be too large for mobile.
    All this is very large and complex question. I can advise you to give a separate link on small video size for mobile.

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