Matterport hotspots - how?

  • Hi, I am trying to replicate the circular hotspot that Matterport uses on this demo</a>

    All I can create is a basic circle that just looks flat on a pano. Thier hotspots seem to have a bit more depth and distortion if know what I mean and blend in with the pono. You will see what I mean when you look at the demo.

    I want to create a similar situation where I have many panos taken in each room and want to navigate around the room but I dont want a whole load of hotspots ruining the scene. So I need 2 images and tween between them so the initial image is more opac and on mouse over becomes more visible.

    Any thoughts or other suggestions appreciated.

  • Hi,

    Matterport captures also a rough 3d model of the environment - and the hotspots are placed on that 3d model.

    A normal pano photography doesn't provide that information and so such can't be done automatically.

    Best regards,

    Do you know how to get position of all hotspot in matterport tour?

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