krpano 1.19-pr8 with macOS Sierra support, improved iOS 10 support and new localhost servers

  • I have just updated to this latest krpano version having not used the software for some time. The last software version I used was krpano-1.19-pr3. I have recreated a tour using the latest release however the movement is very jerky compared to the previous version. I have tested both on the same device using the same content and the previous version is not jerky at all.

    Is this a known issue? Thanks.

    No, there is no known issue and there should be no reason why the movement would be very jerky (assumed you comparing the same 'display method' - html5 webgl, html5 css3d or flash).

    Please post your both links - the old and the new one - and tell more about your device.

    Best regards,

  • Has this been resolved?
    I am still having an issue, where the server is unresponsive on start-up and quits immediately on any interaction attempt.


    there are currently some strange problems with the testing server on Mac OSX on some systems.
    As the testing server code itself hasn't been changed, it must be something related to OSX.
    I don't know yet the exact reason or solution, but I will be working on that of course.

    Best regards,

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