Wrong view of a panorama only from phone

  • Hi, do you have any idea what could be the reason for this problem described here: when I load the scene from this image on my phone it looks that it's wrong stitched, but it's not, I know it because on my PC everything looks correct. Please see the images from the links below and give me suggestion, I will be very thankful.

    Here is the original image: panorama image
    Here are 2 screenshots how it looks like on my phone Sony Xperia Z3: screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2 - it's a look at the bottom(0, 90)

    Here is some code but I dont think there is something wrong there...
    Any ideas, Klaus?

    <scene name="scene_1" title="Room" onstart="" thumburl="thumb.jpg">
        <view hlookat="0" vlookat="0" fovmin="45" fov="96" fovmax="120" />
            <sphere url="files4upload/upload_file1.jpg" />
  • Hi,
    I believe that sphere images give some problems with the VR mode.
    I had the same problems with stereo-sphere images in SBS stereoformat (sinceriously I still can't figure what was wrong!!).
    Anyway you should check for the image aspect ratio, is it an equirectangular image (aspect ratio 2:1, hfov 360 degree?).
    I'm just a beginner I think someone else could give more info.

  • Yes, it's equirectangular image . I'm not sure if this thread contains the answer: https://krpano.com/forum/wbb/inde…&threadID=12176
    Maybe my pano image is too large(7776x3888 px) 7.89 MB ? Other small images are shown perfect on mobile device.
    I want to notice that the screenshot images are taken not in stereo mode(cardboard).
    I tested with Google Chrome and for PC everything is ok. When I used it to see how it will look at the other mobile devices - only devices using iOS worked as expected.
    Obviously Android devices have problem showing large images. What do you think - am I right - size is the reason or something else?

  • Hi,

    that's a Chrome bug! (on all systems)

    I have reported it here:

    According to the Google developers (see in the link above) it should be fixed soon in Chrome 55.

    The bug itself happens only when using very large single images (larger than the max. supported texture size of the device). When using cubical images (single or multires) that wouldn't happen, because then the single images wouldn't be that large.

    Best regards,

  • Ok Klaus,
    thanks a lot.
    I experimented another issue, if I use large stereo images 8192*8192 stereoformat TB, in vr mode they are blurred, instead they are ok on desktop, is there anything I can do?

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