How to load tiles from different harddrive

  • Hi,
    My customer wants to load the images/tiles from a NAS in his domain, which is not connected to the internet.

    I am testing with localserver, with a generic HTML on one drive (C:\) and loading the XMLs with all design stuff and panos from another drive (e.g. E:\). I can manage to load all BUT the pano-tiles, whatever path I throw at it. I have tried directly with file:///E:/panos/preview.jpg (short example),
    I have also tried using 2 localservers, making the path to the tiles like: (which IS the correct path), etc, but no luck.
    The viewer (showlog) mentions
    Error: loading of '....<path>...preview.jpg' failed! (and same error for the other tiles of course)

    I had this before with the paths to the hotspots etc, but I sorted those with relative paths (skin and js files are available on both drives).

    so, it loads correctly the XML from the other drive, and the content from that XML, APART from the tiles.

    just to make the story complete, I have added <security cors="use-credentials" /> to the XML.

    any suggestions?

  • Hi,

    thanks for responding, but it's not the size or traffic which causes the problem. It's the path, it doesn't allow either 'file:////<DRIVE>:\\path\path..' or 'http:....' I think....

    But I solved it for the moment by creating a Symbolic Link (MKLINK under Windows) to the external HDD. That way it looks like the XML and images are located locally and you can use a relative link. The disadvantage here is that you need to instruct the customer how to create the Symbolic Link, but that's all.
    Then again, I am using a path as variable (queryline) and would like to be able to point to external drives and http, instead of to this local link. I might have to look into CORS and CrossDomain for that I reckon?

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