Poor quality of downsampled JPEG. SOLVED and multilingual krpano support added

  • When adding a hotspot to a 23800 x 11900 pixels HDR PTGui panorama I recognized lost of image quality.

    The case was solved and the next post adds details about it. The image resample option for the hotspot (mipmapping=true/false) is available since krpano ver. 1.19.pr9. Thank you, Klaus.


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    Thanks to Klaus who released in the version 1.19pr9 the new hotspot property
    It makes real the star sky also for hotspots (in my case the firework shots) especially in zoom-out view mode.
    Slightly noticable difference between the hotspot and background pano is due to the hotspot size (4096x4096 px). Seems that the multires support for hotspot will solve it.

    You can see the result here:
    For comparision the Flash version without mipmapping starts here. In the pano the multilingual support using the krpano environment is implemented.
    I've created also a /demotour-corfu-i18n/ example and you can follow it in the new post https://krpano.com/forum/wbb/inde…&threadID=15255

    The i18n can be added to a running virtual tour without dependences and you can add new languages stepwise.

    The i18n subdirectory contains files as follows:
    i18n.xml for includes and language selector code;
    i18n.vskin.xml enhances skin\vtourskin.xml with i18n skin and functionality;
    i18n__.xml set scene/hotspot titles with the language dictionary fields;
    i18n__en.xml, i18n__en-US.xml, i18n__de.xml... are placeholders for a particular language dictionaries;
    /flags/ is for language/country flag image;
    The i18n does not support locale date, plurals, number, units available via Javascript and browser support.

    As a byproduct I created the ./skin/vtourskin_selector.xml which allows you to change the vtour skin from the context menu.
    It can be controlled by initvars.design=design_ultra_light from outside of the krpano viewer.
    Thank you, Klaus.

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