Separate Gyro and WebVR controls?

  • Hi everyone,

    So the project I'm working on has the WebVR button, and for a few reasons, we need a separate button to toggle only the gyro. The problem I'm having, is that when WebVR is inluded, my usual method of toggling the gyro doesn't work. (Just for some background, we use a JS/KrPano call to enable and disable the gyro plugin.)

    I've dug around the vtourskin.xml and the webvr.xml, but I can't see anything that would interfere, since my gyro toggle doesn't call WebVR.

    If someone has a clue how to separate the two, I'd greatly appreciate the tip.


  • Toggling Gyro work even if you use VR. So, there must be something related you are doing when enabling VR that influence your gyro. Have you debugged your gyro in both scenario.
    Is gyro properly defined. Add trace(gyro-available); on gyor onavailable attribute. Hard to say without seeing the code.

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