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  • In this link I have been experimenting with 360 video and different types of Iframes. Since I open this demo with a 360 video implemented using videointerface.xml from the videopano example, I see that the buttons bar goes to "autohide" after a couple of seconds.

    I can't figure out though, how to restore the buttons bar when another thumbnail is chosen. I can see in the WEBVR plugin that there are actions for hiding and restoring all Non-VR layers on the skin. I assume that If my implementation were correct, the thumbnail panel would also become hidden in my example. So how do I hide and restore all non-VR elements? I was testing this on an Ipad and and Iphone today, and I see that when the 360 video is removed by clicking another thumbnail, the gyroscope stays on and allows gryro like movement of the map and still images in this experiment. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Also, forgot to mention that I have not yet learned how to manifest the VR controls and time bar that are evident in the videopano example on playback.

    Cheers, Reggie

  • I have used skin_hideskin call here to hide the thumbnail panel:

    <plugin name="video"		        url.html5="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.js"		        url.flash="%SWFPATH%/plugins/videoplayer.swf"		        pausedonstart="true"		        visible="true" enabled="true"		        loop="true"		        volume="1.0"		        onloaded="add_video_sources(); skin_hideskin()"		        />

    and I have used this code in a button on the skin to restore the thumbnail panel and the empty buttons container:

    skin_showthumbs(); skin_showskin()

    But I do not understand why the original skin control bar buttons are not also restored with the empty container. I have tried playing with the "stopdelayedcall(skin_autohide) settings in the videointerface.xml but without any success. Also,It seems like the videopano control buttons should be subplanting the default buttons which are hidden when the 360 video starts to play. In the test link above, this does not occur. *confused*

    It must be something simple if there is anybody out there who might be willing to clue me in.

    Cheers, Reggie

  • OK,

    I found this string where Klaus advises to use the vtourskin.xml instead of the videointerface.xml if you are trying to implement a 360 video as part of a larger tour instead of within a certain pano. Once I did this, everything fell into place and now all is working perfectly.

    Cheers, Reggie *smile*

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