360 videos with krpano : It's not professional ... not yet !

  • Hi,

    One must be realistic, it is not possible to have a professional virtual tour with 360 videos. The quality is a big problem. If we can have videos in 4k, all the existing hosting for this type of website remains utopian. All the examples provided by Krpano prove that they are extremely compressed and bad quality.

    Krpano does not even have a loader which can actually indicate the loading of the video, which could make wait more serenely.

    We have no indication of the limits of the videos (compressions, sizes, ips) because not everything depends on the host.
    We must also think about the limits of the machines of the customers, in most companies they are equipped with old explorer (not webGl) and have limited networks, the policy of their IT (which often cut the video stream)...
    Perhaps the video streaming is the only way to resolve it.
    Be prudent before offering a 360 videos tour to you customers.

    Best regards

    NB : This is not a criticism of the (good) work done by Klaus but a message for those like me could sell a nice 4k online tour ...

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  • You're right, Jérôme, there are a lot of problems to cope with, and frustration is around the corner more often than not. Youtube or Facebook is the way to go, I am afraid, for web distribution. But all the nice interactivity that krpano allows is lost then.


  • You can have loaders though, there are some examples here (cannot remember where to find) and with javascript you can tell how many percent of the video has to be loaded before you can start showing the video.

    You just have to make many versions to support different bandwidths. You can make a simple test like this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5529…d-in-javascript and then offer the correct version as default.

    That is true that krpano doesn't have all bundled up and it lacks some things, but you can use it with cool features that YT and FB doesn't have. Sometimes the best option is let the all the videos load completely and then allow user to start interacting.

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