Show button ONLY in webvr view

  • Hi people,

    Anyone make this way? *confused*

    I need show one simple button only when my user see my pano in mobile with some glasses vr *cool* , webvr mode.

    Button like "Look here to start" in webvr of krpano examples


  • The most simple way I can think of is to enable/disable the plugin in the actions "vr_setup" and "vr_setup_close" in plugins/webvr.xml. There should be already an entry like "set(webvr.vr_cursor_enabled, false);" which could be duplicated and used for your own plugins. I.e.:

    set(webvr.vr_cursor_enabled, true);
    set(your_own_plugin_enabled, true);

    set(webvr.vr_cursor_enabled, false);
    set(webvr.vr_cursor_enabled, false);

  • Tnx Nupsi,

    This is the simple and effective way! But ... if i use:

    <hotspot keep="false"


    How can i visible and enabled="true"?


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  • Hi,
    create action to change the hotspot enabled and visible to true or false

    <action name="action1">

    <action name="action2">

    to call those action when device is enter on VR Mode, go to vtourskin.xml find WebVR plugin, on that plugin, find onentervr and onexitvr and add the action you created earlier,

    onentervr="skin_showloading(false); webvr_onentervr(); webvr_setup(); skin_reloadscene_webvr(); action1();"
    onexitvr="webvr_onexitvr(); webvr_setup(); skin_reloadscene_webvr(); action2();"

    Yanward *squint*

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