Set "Initial View" for 360 Video

  • Hi,

    I'm experimenting with the Nikon Keymission 360 Camera and am discovering that the editing options for the ouput are few. With some experience using the old Nikon "two-shot" opposing views fisheye lens from Nikon, my first instinct in using this Keymission camera was to position it so that it splits the light source evenly to minimize exposure variations in the "hemispheres." Unfortunately, the initial view of the resulting video often ends up being the opposite of your intended focal point.....and there seem to be very few editing softwares that will allow you to adjust this. Adobe Premiere seems only able to do it with the addition of the expensive Mettle Skybox plugin. There is an "offset" adjustment feature in "After Effects" that may also work, but since I don't yet have access to "After Effects," I thought I would ask here for any advice about re-setting the initial view in 360 video.

    I have been experimenting with ffmpeg for doing conversions, but have not seen anything in my research that would solve this problem. Also, am having trouble with using ffmpeg to mix a music track with the existing video talk track in the footage. I am getting a ' " ' error related to the complex filter that has been generously supplied on different websites for doing this. Any advice would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Reggie

  • Klaus, KRpano is awesome!

    My first workflow experiments with 360 video involved uploading to youtube (before integrating into KRpano) and I quickly learned that editing options for 360 video in the non-KRpano world are extremely limited. For KRpano though, anything is possible. Once again, I feel like an idiot for not looking at the main .xml file first, and I always feel really humbled when you are gracious enough to reply to dumb (in retrospect) questions like mine! *smile*

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