Multilingual/multi-language support for krpano viewer = internationalization = i18n

  • Please find enclosed the multi-language support for krpano viewer.
    You can check it when downloading the and unzip it in the ..krpano/viewer/examples/ folder
    It creates the subfolder ..krpano/viewer/examples/demotour-corfu-i18n
    When starting the demotour-corfu-i18n/index.html file you can see the original demotour-corfu virtual tour available in 4(3) languages (en, en-US, de, sk). The language selector is among the krpano buttons and in the context menu, too.

    - krpano viewer translated (contextmenu, skins, tooltips, VR menus) without change of original code;
    - no need to mark strings in advance;
    - no need to create a master list;
    - possible to add a new language version to the existing krpano virtual tour;
    - possible to enhance with the next language without performance overhead;
    - language specific code enhancement;
    - you can reuse one phrase on multiple places;
    - you can set the language from outside of the krpano viewer using initvars:{i18n_lang:"de"}
    - scene/hotspot title change without changing the original xml file;
    How to use it:
    - add i18n folder to your vtour folder;
    - add <include url="i18n.xml" /> into your tour.xml (at the end);
    - start your tour.html with initvars:{i18n_lang:"de"} in the embedpano or in the starting URL add the parameter ?initvars.i18n_lang=de
    - edit your language dictionary with your translation.

    Files in the i18n folder:
    i18n.xml for includes and language selector code;
    i18n.vskin.xml enhances skin\vtourskin.xml with i18n skin and functionality;
    i18n__.xml set your scene and hotspot titles with the language dictionary fields;
    i18n__en.xml, i18n__en-US.xml, i18n__de.xml... are placeholders for a particular language dictionary;
    please note, that the English is my coding language, so the i18n__en.xml has just reset task.
    The i18n__en-US.xml is a language enhancement when different from basic (e.g. pt and pt-BR).
    The German i18n__de.xml dictionary has English texts from the code as a comment. When you can translate it into your language and append to the post, we can expand krpano.
    /flags/ is for language/country flag images;

    The i18n does not support locale date, plurals, number, units available via Javascript and browser support.

    The running example with some more features is here:…rs.i18n_lang=en
    If you like it and want to have it in your language let me know. I can upload your translation there.

    Have a great internationalization!

    I uploaded the update for 1.19pr13. The dynamic skin selector works, too.

  • Hello,

    do you know if i can do the same switch language at the begining of a tour ? I want that user choise his language in a welcome popup, when click on flag, i just want that the language_1.xml load, it's not important if it's not possible to change after. I do some tries but without success if someone can help me, thanks.


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