Panos in separate folders

  • Hi,

    I used to work with Krpano version 1.18.5 in which, when processing multiple panos simultaneously, the MAKE PANO MULTIRES created multiple HTML, XML and swf files in the same "base" folder, each with the original picture's name, and then created subfolders for the tiles for each pano, along with the skins and plugins folders, etc. That was quite handy to create virtual tours manually using the loadpano command, as all panos were in the same folder. I thought it provided more control than the MAKE VTOUR droplet.

    But with the new 1.19-pr10 version, it seems that each pano is placed in a separate folder, each with index.html and index.xml files created, which makes it more difficult to work with. Is there a way to have all xml and html in the same folder as it used to, each with the name of the original picture ?


  • Hi

    This droplet work this way.

    I think you need to change some entries in the multires.config file.

    # output images path
    # preview pano settings

    best regards

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