Example "A video as distorted hotspot" not working on my mobile phone

  • Hi,

    I just realize that the Example "A video as distorted hotspot " is not working well on my mobile phone when i try with Firefox (Android 6.0.1 (rv:55.0) - Firefox 55.0 - WebGL) : only the first frame seems to be displayed (or it is the posturl image) and only the sound is played :(
    But curiously, it's working fine with Chrome 60.0 - WebGL.

    I've almost the same behaviour with one of my own pano : http://photo.maelbathfield.net/hitme/ (except the videos are fully black with Firefox).

    Is somebody esle having the same issue ??

  • Hi,

    right, there seems to be a general problem WebGL video textures in Android Firefox 55.

    I was just testing Android Firefox 54 and it was working fine but after updating to Firefox 55 the video stop working...

    Event this technically super simple example fails:

    That means that this a Firefox bug and that this could be only fixed on Firefox side.

    Best regards,

  • Hi guys,

    I noticed the same problem a couple of days ago. It started with version 55.0

    Last week I filed a bug report with Mozilla, here:

    If you want to add relevant technical information for them, please do.
    They already reacted that they will pick this up. One of the guys from Kolor already added some information.

    I hope this can be solved as this is the last mobile browser able to use in WebVR mode.

    Thanks, Johan

  • Hmm...

    In that example:

    antialias of the WebGL canvas is/was already disabled (see the page-source!) and it's still black...

    Beside of this, krpano also disables antialias by default for mobile devices...

    So that can't be the reason!
    That's a core bug and need to be fixed in Firefox, there is no other solution.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Claus,

    I just read the Bugzilla feedback and also your comment on this Forum.
    Do you mind feeding that back to them too?
    My technical knowledge is too low, but your observation looks quite valuable for the process.
    It's good to read that it's pick up on all sides (krpano, kolor and mozilla) ... hopefully there's a solution soon.

    Many thanks, Johan

  • I'm using firefox 91.3.1. Still i'm getting the black rectangle instead of videopano. As at september 2021, could it be still the same bug unresolved in firefox. Somebody else is still getting this problem? very frustrating if you want to use video in a pano!
    If there could be an error message instead of the black window to alert the user about the specific error dus to firefox that'll be good, otherwise the users will deduce there's a problem with the actual panorama programming.

  • Hi there.
    I am on the latest krpano version and the latest android firefox.

    I am also getting a black window instead of the video (distorted hotspot) when it starts playing. Sound is there. Provided both...webm and mp4.
    It works on desktop-browser (firefox) and on android chrome, opera and native samsung browser.

    In chrome the gyro in webvr is not working.

    Tested it also with the examples from the krpano-website.

    This is really a pita with these browsers.

    Why can ff and chrome can't get something done what even opera and samsung can do.

    It was already painful a few years ago.

    I throught it would get better after some time.

    But as it seems... it didn't.

    I don't blame the software krpano at all. It must be horrible to keep up with this browser-mess all the time.

    For now I will stop implementing videos as distorted hotspots and use just a hotspot as a link to the video played in a lightbox.

    grrrr *sad*

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