ERROR after upgrading from 1.19pr8 to 1.19pr14

  • Hi!
    We have a online editor created and worked fine with the version of pr8.
    So now we are in the testing phase for updating the krpano to the latest version.

    I get two errors:

    ERROR: This page contains the following errors:error on line 16 at column 18: Opening and ending tag mismatch: thumb line 0 and paths
    Below is a rendering of the page up to the first error.

    (actually a warning)

    WARNING: set contextmenu[mainmenu].name=mainmenu - contextmenu is not an array!

    But this all worked fine on the 'old' version.

    Any suggestions on where to look at for the error and warning?


  • oke got the error solved.

    I am pumping XML via a javascript call LOADXML

    But here needed to be the linebreaks removed.

    Still looking for the array warning complained.

    WARNING: set labels[settingsform].setting_tour_customizer_vig=Vignette? - labels is not an array!

    set via

    <labels name="settingsform" 

    anything wrong in this?

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