[SOLVED] Urgent Help Please: The stand alone flash no compile o include a .png file

  • Hi, the standalone flash created by krpanotools>>>protect tools>>>embed files>>>encrypted all embedded files>generated viewers, fails to include the vtourskin-light.png:

    ERROR: download of "skin/../vtourskin-light.png" failed

    Of course If I include the skin folder with this files inside it works, but isnot a clean solution.

    Please how to solve?

    Thanks at advanced,


  • The solution:

    If you need standalone .swf without skin folder:
    Edit vtourskin.xml:
    In the section <!-- skin styles -->

    <!-- skin_base - the base skin image -->
    <!-- <style name="skin_base" url="calc:vtourskinxmlpath.url + skin_settings.design_skin_images" /> -->

    Add this line instead:

    <style name="skin_base" url="vtourskin_light.png" />

    Or choice another .png accordind the style selected...

    It works fine!!

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