Cannot look left or right in VR on some devices

  • Hi,

    it is not possible to look left or right only up/down in VR on some devices (e.g. Huawei P10 lite and LG Spirit 4G LTE), is this a device error or is there something that can be done?
    I am using the webvr plugin. But the example tours on don't work either.


  • There is a problem: Many devices lacks gyroscope sensor, and it is not detected for the browser. It seem for the user as krpano error. In other hand to enable the use of others sensor for emulate with bad quality the gyro experience is bad for the user with real gyroscope. Any solution?

  • Are you sure about the 'many' devices?
    I think that affects only a few low-end devices, but I don't have real usage statistics...

    You could try adding - mobilevr_sensor="0" - to the webvr plugin declaration. This tells the plugin to use the 'deviceorientation' event instead of the 'devicemotion' event. With the deviceorientation the system does the sensor-fusion by its own, while with the devicemotion the webvr plugin needs to do that.

    Some devices are using the magnetic sensor in this case to simulate the missing gyroscope, but that sensor is typically slow and inaccurate and so the VR experience wouldn't be very well too.

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  • Thanks Klaus, I tried and it work very well. Of course with gyroscope is the final solution.
    Then for low-end devices a button or text with this code:
    and solved... the cell is not too bad, and krpano is perfect!!! *thumbsup*

    Best Regards,

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