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  • Hi Klaus ..

    would be possible to get HTTPS working in test server for testing VR-Mode on iOs12.2.

    i have stopped using Xampp for krpano development since you made your test server available, and I was quite happy with it.
    Setting up Apache with SSL seems to be a pain in the ass ..



  • Hi,

    sorry, but setting up HTTPS for internal IP-address is almost impossible...
    I have already spend a lot of time in research on that topic but that the moment I think there is no easy and affordable solution.

    If someone knows a solution for that topic, just let me and I will try implementing it.

    Best regards,

  • Hi,
    I agree with Klaus, I can't see any easy way to achieve that.

    The only 'simple' way would be to install Apache but I understand it's not what you want to do as it's not a solution based on krpano's test-server. Configuring Apache for https is not as difficult as it seems and is very well documented, but I agree that it's some work anyway and that it's more work than simple http.
    Have a nice day :)

  • Hi,
    I remember configuring Apache https on localhost few years ago and I'm sure it's possible (not too difficult for what I remember). I don't remember if I had to add an exception in firefox but perhaps it was the case. I don"t know for other browsers but firefox allows exceptions for the certificates. That's why I was telling that the only "easy" solution seemed to be to work with apache.
    Anyway I think working on allowing https on the test server would probably be a waste of time and would probably be difficult, I'm sure we all prefer Klaus to work on the next release ^^
    For people who would really need to work https krpano on localhost I suggest to install apache ;)
    Sorry for my english, I hope it's understable.
    Have a nice day !

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  • Hi,

    thanks for the hint about mkcert - it requires some manual work and skipping browser warnings but generally it works!

    That means with some browser/device specific tutorials it should be a good useable solution - at least for developers ;-).

    So for the next release I will add the possibility for specifying a pem file for the krpano Testing Server tools for HTTPS usage.

    And for later versions I will try to make the whole process a bit easier, e.g. like starting in http, offering there the (previously added) certificate key for download/install plus some instructions and then switch/redirect to https or so...

    Best regards,

  • Safari >= 12.2 broke the support for gyroscope unless activated deep in the system.

    What the plan to handle this? Are we currently waiting for a proper version of Safari that can ask for permission?
    Should we notify the user to change the setting in the system?
    Or should we notify the user to use a more reliably working browser like FF or chrome?

  • Hi,

    I'm considering integrating some automatic information dialog for iOS 12.2 when trying to use the gyro or webvr plugin.
    Alternatively you could already also add your own information in the meantime, e.g. by using device detection by 'device.iosversion == 12.2'.

    But due information from today it seems iOS 13 will provide a permission dialog for gyro usage and I'm already installing iOS 13 beta for testing and adding support for that new API.

    Best regards,

  • Quote

    But due information from today it seems iOS 13 will provide a permission dialog for gyro usage and I'm already installing iOS 13 beta for testing and adding support for that new API.


    Good news:
    I've just implemented the new iOS 13 permission API - so the user will get a system dialog when trying to enter VR mode or enabling the gyro - and can quickly allow the usage directly in the browser. Works nicely.

    Bad news:
    iOS 13 breaks the iPhone landscape fullscreen mode...
    Will need to look for workarounds/hacks for that...

    And the new iPad OS breaks the 'iPad/tablet' detection - the new Safari browser there reports itself as 'Desktop' by default...

    Best regards,

  • Well, I was dumb enough to install macos Catalina beta.
    And now krpano tools alongside with testing server don't work since they are 32 bit applications.
    And Mojave is the latest macos to support them.

    TWIMC :)

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