• A couple of years ago I made a gigapixel image showed in HdView where I manually edited the image pyramide to show different information based on the zoom level. This was successful and I believe it would be possible and attractive to do with KrPano. ( maybe its already possible ? )

    May it be possible to make overlays, hotspots etc level sensitive ?

    If yes, it will be very helpful when authoring this new deep image media format.

    John Myrstad

  • Hi,

    yes, that would be possible,

    there is the "onviewchange" event,
    it will be called on every change of the current view (moving, zooming),

    there the current field of view (fov) could be checked and something
    dynamically changed in the pano,

    here a simple example,
    it checks for 4 different fov ranges:
    90-* (level 1), 30-90 (level 2), 10-30 (level 3), 0-10 (level 4)
    and sets a "level" variable for each range,
    and when this level will change, it calls the "levelchanged" actions, where
    something level depended stuff can happen...

    best regards,

  • Hi,

    If this is the panorama you want to change when zooming, it's probably possible with the level of the files :

    example :

    <cylindrical ... l1_01_01 ... />

    this represents one panorama

    <cylindrical l2_01_01 ... />

    this represents another panorama

    Of course, the tiles should be the same size, because it's based on the <image> not <level>

  • Hi,

    yes, that should be possible,
    then you could use the "lockmultireslevel" variable to select the level

    best regards,

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