VT like street view

  • Hi,
    I am new to the forum and a beginner in Krpano.

    I would like to to do some Vt like "streetview".
    For example: I have 100 geolocated panos (pano1, ........, pano100) to link in a VT.

    Here is my question hoping someone can help and give suggestions.
    Is it possible to build the VT with an "automathic" process ( i.e. by "putting" all the panos together in krpano ) this way:

    each pano has two hotspots (one for the next pano and one for the previous pano);
    each pano has a map with the hotspots of all the geolocated panos;
    the hotspot in the map which refers to the actual pano is highlighted and has a radar

    Here is something similar to what I would like to do:

    Of course I am not asking for a tutorial (if any) but some hints in order for me to have an idea of the possible procedure.

    Thank you in advance.

    Best regards,


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