Show panoramas only on permitted sites

  • Hi. I've tried to search for an answer to this but not sure if I've found the right one.

    All my panos are hosted on I give my clients access to their panos via an iframe so they can embed on their own websites ( Is there a way to limit the display of the panos to only and At present it's very easy for my clients to just share the iframe code I give them to other 3rd parties that have not licensed the panos.

    Will using the "Limit Domains" function in the Protect Tool solve this for me even when using iFrames?

    Thanks for any help

  • When content is displayed through iframe, krpano will only get the domain name from the src attribute of the iframe, which will be your domain.
    You should disable iframing of your site content through 'X-Frame-Options' header of apache web server. You should be able to white list the domains that you want allow iframes on through that header.
    Or, you can try using javascript to verify domain name before allowing your tour to be displayed in iframe. Something like this:

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