Oculus Go resolution limits

  • Hi,

    I recently tried to run a simple krpano webVR interface for a 5000 x 2500 video. Working fine on desktop and Android phone.

    When I tried it on an Oculus Go, I got the "video loading failed" error message. I then resized the video to 1920x960, which is the resolution of krpano's demo video, and everything worked fine, so I came to the conclusion that the problem lies in the video resolution.

    Is that right? And if so, where is the limitation, is it due to their browser, krpano, or what else?



  • Hi,

    krpano doesn't apply any limits here.

    When it comes to video it's mainly browser and system/hardware related.

    Maybe try using other video encodings, e.g. a different mp4 level...
    I don't know what kind of video encoding, formats and resolutions are supported by the Oculus Go browser.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Davide,
    The Occulus go needs webm encoded videos for videos beyond 2k (means at 2k, mp4 will load, but at 4k, you'll need webm). If only mp4 are provided, you'll receive the "loading failed".
    The current limitation on the oculus go, seems 8k at the moment, which don't play unless using a service like Visbit.
    4k vr videos give mix results. When played from krpano & web browser, they hang. When played from youtube, they play nicely (though 8k don't).
    We've tried different encoding, as well as downgrading the frame rate, to no avail. Maybe the webvr library is the culprit, or youtube using a streaming algorithm similar to visbit.
    Hope that helps somewhat.

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