compare performance when using date= and style=

  • I need to use text variables. Total variables are 50-100 pieces. They are subjected to different places in the tour. But I need them to be in one place so that I can change them at will.
    How to do it, use date = or style =? What will be faster for work?
    <data name="data1"> maintext1 </data>
    <data name="data2"> maintext2 </data>
    <data name="data50"> maintext50 </data>

    <layer name="1" ...... html="data:data1"
    <layer name="10" ...... html="data:data5"

    <style name="data1" html="maintext1" />
    <style name="data2" html="maintext2" />
    <style name="data50" html="maintext50" />

    <layer name="1" ...... style="data1"
    <layer name="10" ...... style="data2"

    <layer name="13" ...... style="data37"

    Which option will have less impact on the performance of the tour?

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